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Memories of One Man

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:34 pm    Post subject: Memories of One Man  Reply with quote

Memories of One Man
    I was just a child the day the sun became dark, when the Earth shook and the blood of the innocent flowed. It was then people began to say a man who was dead was not dead anymore and they had seen him walking in the city. I did not understand but it did not seem possible.
    But then one day as my father and I walked along the road returning to the city, we came upon a man resting along the way. I knew who this man was because he had sat me upon his knee one day as he spoke to men of things I did not understand.
    Then I remembered another day when I was playing in the dirt along a street. A great crowd approached and a big soldier picked me up by my arm and tossed me to the side. My knee was cut as I fell onto the stones.
    Then, later, father took me to a place outside of the city where the crowd had gathered. The soldiers did not like having so many people there so they pushed and shoved until many fell to the ground. Father and I fell too.
    When I stood up again I saw three men nailed to wooden crosses. The sky behind them was very bright and I could only see their shapes. The soldiers were not watching me as I walked past them and stood closer to the three men. One of them was cursing and taunting the man in the middle. I had never seen men nailed to crosses like that before and I did not understand why it was done.
    Then, as I looked at them, I began to recognize the man in the center. His skin was cut and torn and he was covered with streaks of blood, but still I knew him. He was the one who sat me on his knee one day. He looked at me and for a moment I was afraid and started to run away but then I saw him smile at me just like he did the day he put me on his knee. Even in my youth I could tell he was in pain. His lips formed words but I could not hear what he was saying. Suddenly, the pain in my knee from the cut I received when the soldier threw me onto the rocks was gone. When I looked at it, the cut was gone too and when I looked at him he was still smiling at me.
    Then he turned his eyes upward toward the clear sky and said " it is finished" and then his head dropped to his chest and he did not move anymore. I did not understand. Then, as I watched, the sun dimmed until there was hardly any light at all and the land began to shake under my feet. I became greatly afraid and I called to my father who was already trying to reach me. He took me and we left that place and returned home.
   As I stood along the road looking at this man and remembering what had happened, he looked at me and a familiar smile came to his lips and I was not afraid anymore. Father recognized him too and became afraid because he knew this man had died and had been buried. I felt fathers grip on my hand tighten and he began to pull me away but the man only said, "peace to you" and we stopped. Fathers grip relaxed and, as we sat there with this man. He told father many things that I did not understand, then the man bid us farewell and continued on his way.
    We returned to the city and father told many people of what we had seen and the things the man had said to us. Many times in my childhood, father also told me the things the man said and as I grew I began to understand. I too began to tell others of the things I knew and for a time I listened to men who said they were followers of the one they called Jesus. I heard many times the things he had done and the things he had said.
    Today, I am a man with wife and children and we stand in the hills near the city and watch as great billows of smoke rise from its center. I see the army around the city I had called home for my entire life and watch as they begin to tear it down stone by stone. I am not certain what will happen. Soldiers roam the hills even now, searching for those of us who managed to flee. The words of the man on the center cross come to me often and although I do not know what will become of me and my family, there is a sort of peace in my heart from knowing Jesus still lives.
    Soldiers come near and now we must run.

Noah's ark only had one door for them to enter and be saved. Today, there is still just one door....Jesus.

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