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God's Warrior

Study the Bible with Martha + There Are Two

Study the Bible with Martha

Martha is an accomplished and experienced Bible study leader. She is truly a tireless worker for the Lord. She devotes her life to her work for the Lord and her posts show that right away. I know you will learn to love and respect Martha’s Biblical knowledge and look forward to reading her forum.

God's Warrior


        As most young couples start their lives together, there are many struggles.  Our marriage was no exception.  I immediately became pregnant, and we had a beautiful little girl.  Shortly thereafter, I found myself pregnant again, and, to our surprise, the doctor said I was carrying twins.  One week before the scheduled delivery date, one Saturday evening, I had prepared Sunday dinner, given my 18-month-old her bath and put her in bed.   Exhausted, I fell into bed, asleep while my husband remained up studying his Sunday School lesson.  Suddenly, I was awake and standing by our bed and knew I was having a baby.  Hurriedly my husband called the doctor and was told to take me to St. Thomas Hospital; my mother-in-law, who lived with us, came down and took the 18-month-old.  I was in such hard labor that my legs did not want to move, so my husband dragged me to the driver’s side of the car, and I fell on my side on the front seat with my legs in front of the seat.  My husband had to drive with his legs over my legs.  The labor pains were horrific.  He drove fast and had the window down some so that he could wave a white handkerchief if we saw a policeman, so we could get an escort to the hospital.  We drove through all red lights we could, exceeded the speed limit, and even waved the handkerchief at a police car, and they did not even notice.  When the pains became great, suddenly a baby passed from me and lay on the seat between my body and my husband’s.  She started to cry, and I covered her with the tail of my housecoat.  I told my husband the baby would be alright as long as she cried.  I had a sweet relief of pain, a great “ah, ah, ah.”  Then the pain began again.  At first a minute apart and as in the first birth, the pains became closer and closer together. Then they became constant and hard pain, and when we arrived at the ER, my husband ran in and nurses immediately appeared so quickly that they forgot to bring a blanket for the baby that he told them was on the front seat.  So they took my husband’s coat and used it for the blanket.  Immediately they reappeared, and we told them another baby was on the way and that my pain was now constant and very hard.  When the hard pain came, my legs seemed to be paralyzed, so when they came to take me on the stretcher, I could not help them. So they dragged me out of the seat and onto the stretcher.  When we entered the elevator, the second baby was born.  This was another time of “ah, ah, ah” and joy.  As they ran me down the hall to the delivery room I could see lights in the hall, and people were standing to the side and looking.  When we got to the delivery room, they took the baby and showed me a beautiful little girl weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz., and I later learned that the first birth was a little girl weighing 7 lbs. l oz.  What a blessing God had given us.  Sometimes it did not seem that way since shortly thereafter 2 boys followed.  
         I thought about the twin’s birth quite often when I had time and even now 50 years later, I still wonder why it had to be that way.  There was no warning, and the pain was so strong and intense at the end of each birth that my only thought was to get through…and I did.  Years later one of the twins was sent to Saudi Arabia for Dessert Storm, and by this time I was a Sunday School teacher.  As I started studying the Word with more interest, God gave me a deep hunger for His Word and especially for the Prophetic Word.  This was about 25 years ago, and as I studied and taught, I had to be careful as to what I would say.  Some thought I was crazy, and others did not want to hear.  That has not changed too much except now some people come to my classes, ask questions, and listen.  Prophecy is so important to me as I have traveled to many countries on many mission trips, and as I have come to realize that I can not fully understand the rest of the Bible if I did not have an understanding of Prophecy.  Prophecy has also been a strong witnessing tool for me.
         I have heard many gifted, and Godly speakers repeating what God had said to them or what God had impressed upon their heart, and although I have in the 25 years learned so much, I still realize as I apply the Scriptures to current events, that there is much more to learn.  But I had a longing for God to show me more, speak more to my heart like He did to others.   I would think, “Well, I’m just a small time teacher, and He only speaks to the great teachers.”  Recently, I was praying and asking God to speak to me, and He always has through His Word, but I was asking for more clarification of His Word or a special word.  I awoke recently and thought back on 50 years ago when I had twins and through this personal experience, God said in my spirit, “I will help you to learn how the ‘time of the end’ is going to happen, and you will better understand by remembering the birth of the twins.  Those births came without warning even though you thought you were prepared, and you should know what to do.  You actually could do very little. God did the work.  You had twins by natural birth.”  God brought to my memory Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 and in particular the thought of “birth pains.”   In each of these books Jesus defines the conditions or signs and says these are the beginnings of sorrows.  The beginning of sorrows calls forth the imagery of birth pains, like labor contractions.  These events, filled with great pain, will hasten the joyous birth of the Rapture and the Second Coming.  These pains are characteristics of the “time of the end” with nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes.  The earth has continually had birth pains, but today they have increased in intensity and frequency and will do so until Jesus returns, and this seems to me to be on a worldwide scale.  
        When reviewing the signs, especially Luke 21, it seems that they start and then intensify and never stop.  Our current events reveal this pattern.  The entire world is looking to Israel, and it seems Israel now does not have a friend in the world.  It also appears that there is nothing that can stop these pains, that they will go forward with intensity until all have come to pass.  This year (2010) major events have intensified these signs; such as Turkey no longer a friend of Israel, and Turkey has even signed agreements with nations that make up Ezekiel 38 and 39.  The United States is no longer on the side of Israel, and they are all alone.  Israel has the most powerful friend, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, for God will be on their side and fight with them. The birth pains will become closer and closer, and when they get to the end, it will be constant, intense pain, and then the “ah, ah, ah” moment.  Jesus appears and takes His children home – the Rapture!  Just like with my second twin, pains will again increase, intensify, and become constant until it births the second “ah, ah, ah” - the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who will come and set up His Kingdom!
        What was so new to my thinking was that God impressed upon me that the pains become severe and constant, and you think you can’t endure, but you do and then the blessing  (the “ah, ah, ah” moment – we go to Heaven).  If I am hearing correctly, then I believe the church goes through Ezekiel 38 & 39 (WWIII) and then the Rapture, and this event brings forth the second birth pains - the Seven Years of tribulation - and then His Appearance.  In God’s mercy and grace we rest!        

Martha Lee, October 25, 2010

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