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Old Fashioned Living

Old Fashioned Living

The Watkins Company has a delightful website that I want to share with you. Here is the introduction to the site.

Welcome to Old Fashioned Living! You'll find down to earth crafts, recipes, gardening features and family activities plus tips on keeping your family history and teaching your kids and grandkids about the generations that came before them. We hope you'll brew a cup of tea and stay awhile!

The Parlor:
Community Forums
Introduce Yourself

Garden Path:
Growing Herbs
Flowers & Vegetables
Organic Gardening

Home & Hearth:
DIY Projects
Organizing Tips
Decorating and more!

Old Fashioned Kitchen:
Family Recipes
Kitchen Tips

Tea Time:
Customs and Manners
Tea Party Menus

Old Fashioned Holidays:
Seasonal Crafts
Holiday Recipes

Family Remembrances:
Loss and Grief Support
Poetry & Tributes

Corner Library:
Book Reviews
Poetry and Reading
Writing Tips and Interviews

Crafter's Attic:
Craft Projects
Keepsake Crafts

The Treehouse:
Kid's Crafts

Family Activities

History and Traditions
Collectibles and Keepsakes
Family History

Messages for Moms
Pampering Ideas
Encouragement and More

Our Contests!
Share memories and
Win Prizes Monthly!

Family Resources:
Kid's Links

A cool site, Elena! Thank you Smile

I am glad you like it. I want to take lots of time viewing that site. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will take some time to do some fun browsing.

I'll be checking it out too. Looks good.

Oh, my. I could be in a lot of trouble. Smile

Carla, you will really love this considering how you love to work with your kids and their friends with crafts.fsr333

What a neat site! Thank you for sharing it. It will take me awhile to get through it, but oh, it will be fun. Very Happy

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