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At Home Away from Home
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Market Garden Venture
Garden 2014
Garden 2012
Christmas 2011
Thanksgiving 2011
RIP Tramp
Lactofermenting Vegetables
Baby Goats
A Nightmare For Me
Tug Is Growing Up
CajuninKy - Her Lovely True Life Story of Faith and Courage
Sister Forum
Gold Raspberries
Forgotten Skills of Cooking
Ben's Life Changed Today!
Hard To Understand
Here We Go Again? I Sure Hope Not!!
No Clue Where He Came From
My Daughter's Painting
Creative Writing Exercise
Christmas Greetings
Weather Woes and Worries
So much to do, so little time
Birthday Gift
She's Baaack!
Berry Good Days
Fishing VS Catching
Riding is Good Therapy
Rest and Relaxation
First Picture Trip Of the Year
Silver Boxes
Memories of the Swimming Hole
Daily Happenings
Sharing the Wealth
Time Marches On
God Knows Where You Are
Eye for an eye
New Project
Productive Day
Warming Up!!
Sunshine on my shoulders....
Night on the town!
Global Warming????
Traveling a Rough Road
What we've been up to
New Herd Member!
Off To A Good Start
Trip to the Farm
Gift from my DH
Chicken Troubles!
A good day for the whole family!
Global warming is going to freeze me to death!
We have hatch!
Visitor identified
We must really be farmers now!
What was the purpose of that?
Mighty Max
My hard work was appreciated
What the devil meant for evil...
Fall Riding
Breakthrough for Buddy
All is well on the farm
New addition
Shaq is Back
Two Firsts For Us
News from the barn
Broke my own record!
Proud of myself
Buddy's close call
Busy week ahead
Chicken rescue in place
Feeling their oats
Christmas pics
Snow Fall
Happy New Year !!!
Kids are funny!
Joyeaux Noelle
Photo Contest
We are experiencing technical difficulties
Testing 1, 2, 3 ...
A boy and a horse
Busy Day
Morning Scare
The things I get into!
New Shoes
Who is this person and why?
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