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May God bless all in the coming year 2016
Joy Bible Verses
Why Me Lord?
The Desert
Because He Lives
The First Amendment
I liked the aliteration on the last sentence
They Have No Power
They Do Not
Never Again
Should We Ponder the End of the World?
In Your Heart
Subtlety: A Fork in the Road
Peace of God - Peace with God
So True
The Great I Ams of Jesus
Can An Evangelical Christian Vote for a Mormon?
The Ark of the Covenant?
New thought about capital punishment
The Religious Percentages in the USA by State
U.S. Capitol Tours - Videos
Don't take your church for granted!
Walk to Emmaus
A Student Named Tommy
Our Awesome God
Communion on the Moon - Buzz Aldrin
Why Didn't God Destroy Satan?
Packages for Servicemen and Women Overseas
How Good People Miss Heaven
Listen to Christian Radio Online
What Have I Done for Jesus Today?
You and Your Pastor
Who Are You Looking For?
God's Gifts
How To Live The Christian Life
God's Name
Christians Should Stand with Israel
Encouraging Words
Easter Stories We Can All Understand
The Bible
Billy Graham's Prayer For Our Nation
You Cannot Multiply Wealth by Dividing It.
"Be Still and Know That I Am God"
Thank God Anyway
Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the U.S.
History of Religion in 90 seconds + Strategic Israel
The 23rd Psalm
The Greatest - GOD
The Glue That Holds Us Together
The True Christian Minister
A Clear Conscience
Canadian ministry ordered to shut down
Christian One Liners
Planned Parenthood or Planned Racism?
We Are a Treasure or Jewels to the Lord
What Is Coming This Year?
Twas the night before.....(What's that called again?)
Noah's Ark Replica
The Gospel Was Shared During Porter Wagoner's Funeral
Learning to Lean on Jesus
The Basque Sheepherder and the Shepherd Psalm
The Vatican's Ten Commandments for Drivers
A Christian View of Materialism
God's Bell
Christians Applaud Court's Partial-Birth Abortion Ruling
The Next Graham: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson
From a Strictly Mathematical Viewpoint
The Bible
How to Stay Safe in the World Today
If God Is Truly Your Partner You Need To Make Your Plans Big
Type this and insert it in a card for your pastor.
Send This As An Email to Your Friends
Billy Sunday's Sayings
God's Coffee
The Dead Church
The Blacksmith
I'm Sorry!
Live Telecast from the Western Wall (Wailing Wall),Jerusalm
The Traffic Ticket
Expressing Sympathy in the Loss of a Loved One
Christian Teachers
Heavenly Home
Awesome Facts
God Has His Reasons
The Biblical Alphabet
Prayer Rock Craft
We Reap What We Sow!
One Day
The Top Ten Ways to Hide Your Faith from Your Kids
Directions for Singing
You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
Heaven and Hell
Coal Basket Bible
A Parable About a Loving Father
God's Under the Bed!
Senior Version of Jesus Loves Me
Quotes about Jesus
A Love Letter from Jesus
Directions to Our Father's House
Why Go to Church?
The Call from the Lord
Modern Day Pharisees
Christian Survival Kit
Life's Lessons
Great Christian Websites
Religion in the workplace
Cute Religious Quotes
Forgiven All
Maxine - Telling It Like It Is
The Bible VS Cell Phones
Mathematical Miracle
The Ultimate
Thoughts about God
Scriptures: Handy Emergency REFERENCE LIST
Someone Else
Putting Our Country Back Together
Taking God out of Everything
The U in JesUs
What Is a Blog? - God Blogging
The Mustard Seed
Modern Day Pharisees
The Future
What If?
What Is the Purpose Of Life?
The Jerusalem Prayer Team:
The King James Bible
Joe Wright's Prayer for the Kansas Senate
The Bible
You Might Be a Redneck If...
Christian Media - Recommended by Our Members
Isn't It Strange?
If I Were the Devil
Citizen's Rights
A Democracy
One Person's Opinion....
God's Message to Women
Church Signs
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