Archive for The Gathering Place "The Gathering Place" is a web community where people can gather and make new friends, share ideas, enjoy a few laughs and learn about many interesting things together. It is a safe place where friends can correspond with each other about what they love.

The Day's Happenings
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I finally got around to posting my Christmas decorating pics
End of year holiday
2 Chronicles 7:14
Mother Nature Rules
Pope says "Ecumenism ultimately points toward a common
Man dressed as Darth Vader spared jail for attack on founder
Praise the Lord for Taking Care of My Precious Grandson
Happy Birthday, Mary.
Imagine me with braces
Jury Duty Scam - Beware
Nicki posted her first poem today
The "Trash to Treasure" New Forum Started Today
Whatever Will I Do???
A Really neat Idea!
Checking Out Musical CDs in My Public Library
Bromeliad Show
The Day's Happenings
The Summer Garden
Happy Birthday Elena!
You Just Never Know....
Consider the Lilies
Checking In...
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