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Smokey's Collection of Writings, Inspirations, and Images
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Christmas greetings 2016
Photo(s) from our trip up north
Out of the mud but...
Dirty feet
Christmas Missy
Christmas choir 2015
No Disappointment in Him
Bath time for Missy!
Missy's 6th birthday
"Tongues of a flower"
what we did on our May vacation 2015
snow humor
Snow dog!
Frost photos 2015
Weekly Log 2015
Christmas 2014
Yesterday's moon
Our new dog Missy
some images and sayings I found on the web
Belated Christmas photos
January frost photos
Our 2013 Christmas Choir
right or left?
Zombies in the Bible
new "God billboard" idea???
Psalm 65:8b
Some Mayo humor!
Links to photos from our trip to Zion & Bryce
"Favorites" from our trip
a log of our trip to Zion and Bryce 2013
Photo with Scripture; Job 38:29
Frost photos 2013
First frost of the new year
The Moon and Jupiter
Some New Years verses
God's message in a smile
A lesson from a call center
Photos from our trip to Arches and Canyonlands
Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus
Waiting for Crumbs?
Merry Christmas 2011
christmas in the guard shack
Link to photos from our trip to Traverse City
In the Shadows
Keep your tools sharp
Not a spot or wrinkle
Link to Yellowstone trip photos
Yellowstone Treasures VS God’s Treasures
Visitors birds and varments in our back yard
I don't need no name tag!
"Moving Thoughts"
God is like a radio Transmitter.
Spiritual Profiling?
Spiritual Earthquakes?
Christmas Photos
Smokey's Christmas card to you all
Near earth asteroid????
Jack-O-Lantern Christians?
Fall photos along the Huron river
Monet inspired reflection photo
Crescent moon
Photo with scripture Isaiah 40:8
Sunrise earlier this week.
Is this thing on?
weekly log
Our Maine Vacation
Photos from Living Lord's supper 2010
3 Epiphanies on Good Friday
Complicating Matters?
Video; God and Dog
some winter photos
report from the men's retreat 2010
Merry Christmas 2009
Why does 1% dominate the 99% ?????????
Thoughts on Smokey's passing
Our dog Smokey went to be with the lord
What do you expect?
"City Lights"
how we got to this point/why I've not been on much
Not Inanimate Objects!
surprise visitor in the back yard
Cone Head Smokey
Frost on the garage windows
Psalm 63:1 Photo and scripture
baby boomers
Report from our men's retreat.
Christmas Greetings from Smokey
Smokey's Grand Canyon photos
Lord I'm Coming Home
It Depends On Which Way You Are Looking
Dried Flowers
How weeds are like Romans 8:28
Thoughts about communion
"Level" Thoughts during communion
Reflections on the Linoleum
Thoughts during communion
Smokey made the first cut!
U of M hospitals security voted #1 in the country
“Preferred Assignments”
Prodigal Bible Returns!
Sliding in the Parking Lot
Random thoughts
Report on Christmas day
Choir performances are like life...
Old words New tune
Photos from our New Mexico Trip
Blessings on our trip
Like singing in the choir II
Like Singing in the Choir
Church devotion went online!
Thoughts while pulling weeds.
Sorting Socks
Smokey is getting published
An Unexpected Visitor
3 Foxes
Cross Country Journey
Thoughts while driving to work
Booth at the art fair
What I learned from my truck
Daddy Loves You
Dead Trees
No Disapointment in Him
kicking a dead dog
Contests and God's Grace
Voices from behind the wall
Dogs and Christians
What I'm Learning With My Dog
Barton Dam
Not My Home Anymore
"Required Assignments"
Frost on the window
"Hopelessly addicted to..."
The guard shack
Chapel of the Holy Cross
Sedona postcard shot
See you next month!
Blind Spots
Thoughts during the offering
Christians and Gardening
Dogs in the neighborhood
Black flies at Higgins Lake
Peace; Psalm 23:1-3
Strength; Psalm 62:2
Animal crackers at midnight
What I learned From Our Dog
Psalm 46:4
Smokey has to brag a little
What I learned from our dog II
** Introduction to Smokey the Dog **
If Not Under God
When You're in the back pew
Praying Hands
Desert Thoughts
Brush Strokes
Life Card
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