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Christian Poems and Prose
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Christ Alone
Gifts of Nobility
The Door to My Heart
Song without a title
I'm Free
You Said You Loved Me
I Wish Someone Had Given Jesus a Dog
The Battlefield Was His
Except For One
Honey Felt
The date unknown
The Blind man sees
The Rider on the White Horse
April 5th
A Believer's Cross
A Warrior's Sword
When I Kneel
Zest for Christ
No Fame
Not by Chance
Tears of Blood
The War is Won
My Choice
Only God
There is No God
Can't You Hear the Trumpets
The Message
Pass the Blessing
No More Fight
God is Truly Real
Then Jesus Came to Save
The Love of the Shepherd
Written in Red
A Cheerleader for God
This poem isn't for the faint of heart...
I've Been Watching the News Lately
Coffee at Midnight
Divine Dance!
Just Who Is God?
What Is Beautiful?
Letters to the Lost
illicited praise
Attitude of Gratitude
Lyrical Laughter
One Soul's Journey
A Man Called Cross
The Journal
Christ Love
A Pretty Soul
On Heaven's Shore
Journey to God Poems
He Never Met A Stranger
The Wooden Cross of Love
The Father of a Man
The Angels Sing
If You Had a Friend
Green Pastures
A Rusty Nail
Lord Let Me LIve
Hallelujah, He Is Risen
Hymn Stories
My Soul and I
The Star of Bethlehem
John Bunyan Poems
My Quilt
The Great Physician
The Never Ending Story
Judge Gently
The Beautiful Color of Love
The U In Jesus
Ten Thousand Angels Cried
Was It Worth It
The Chosen Vessel
I Choose
10 Little Christians
God's Moments
A Child’s Faith
I Like the Old Paths the Best
Soul Food
The Weathered Old Barn
God's Sea
Prescription for Your Need
True Light and Harmony
All Because of Love
Good Won't Get You There
Joy in the Journey
God's Beautiful World
The Storms of Life
See the Day of God Appear (The Rapture)
Mothers and Their Children
He Will Never Fail to See You Through
I Believe
I May Not See Tomorrow
Flying Home
In Memory
He Leadeth Me
Following Jesus
Turn Around
Read Your Bible
God's Boxes and God's Bouquet
A Trip in the Wilderness
Ambassadors for Christ
Exalt Him, Crown Him King
Thank You, God
Judge Not
Not Enough Time
When I say..."I Am a Christian"
The Promise
Isn't It Funny?
Just Checking In
‘Twas the Night before Jesus Came
America the Beautiful
Beyond Earthly Temptation
Judge Not
Heaven - I'll Meet You There!
Joy in the Journey II
The Plan of the Master Weaver
Children and God
The Reading of Psalm 23
I Believe
In the Valley I Grow
God's Beautiful World
Heavenly Mail
I Should Have Known" Or, Hell is Real
Sweet Hour of Prayer
The Storms of Life
See the Day of GOD Appear
Great Hymnal Poetry
JESUS - My Shepherd - My Lord
God Keeps You Going
Praise God
Would I Be Called a Christian?
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