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how close are we to "That day"?
God Bless America - John Wayne in a movie clip from 1970
6 boys and 13 hands
Makin Island Buried Marines Found
Pray for america blog
Celebrate a U.S. Citizen Hero of Hispanic Heritage
09/11 Memorial on Mars
Last Ounce of Courage - Patriotic/Christian Movie
4th of July Messages
Lowe's Sells American Flag Doormats
A Salute to War Dogs
John and Annie Glenn
George Washington’s Farewell Address
Federal Judge overturns Lejeune Base Commander
American Exceptionalism
Grey-Haired Brigade
Pearl Harbor Story
Founders Without Whom America Would Not Exist
Great Videos and Slideshows
Honoring Our Deceased Veterans
Vietnam War Casualties
Golf Course Designed for Handicapped Veterans
Court Martial of Lt. Col Lakin
Sal Giunta
Ricky Skaggs song
Col. Robert Howard - Greatest Hero America Never Knew
Audie Murphy - Most Decorated Soldier of WWII
The Largest Gathering of B-25's Since WWII
Salutes to Veterans
Roy P. Benevidez - Medal of Honor Winner
For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots
U.S.S. Barb: The Sub That Sank A Train
Help Develop Combat Veterans into Political Leaders at Home
Operation Christmas Calls Free AT&TGlobal Card to troops
Please Pray for Our Troops
The American Trinity
Colonel Ed McMahon Has Died
When War Started They Answered the Call.
Thoughts from Col. George E. Day - Metal of Honor Winner
An American Soldier- By a French Infantryman
Patriotism Is Not Quite Dead in the Public Schools
Ultimate Freedom Slide Show -plus Alan Jackson Sings
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
A Good Idea for a New Preamble to the U. S. Constitution
Sack Lunches
Re-enlistment Ceremony
Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor's Military Funeral
This Will Open a Lot of Eyes and Hopefully Also Hearts
Before You Go - Tribute to World War II Veterans
Alvin York - World War I Most Decorated Hero
World's Deadliest Shotgun
You Ain't Gonna Like Losing
I Am Proud to Be an American Citizen!
Forsaken Roots - May God Bless America and Turn Her Around
US Govt Banned Flag-folding Recitations - Nat. Cemeteries
“Our Founding Fathers” - Flash Paper Presentation
I'm Tired
Friday Mornings at the Pentagon
The Star Spangled Banner
If I should die before you wake
Something to Think About
They Earned Our Freedom and We Should Never Forget It
Congressman Sam Johnson - Remain Faithful to Our Troops
Patriotic Movies - Short movies online
US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention!
The Marine
Send a Thank You Card to Our Soldiers
MONSTERS and the WEAK - written by a MARINE
Freedom of Religion
The Constitutional Right to Bear Arms
A Democracy
The Bible and United States History
Misinterpreted United States Constitution
World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
Never Forget
A Wake Up Call
Patriotic Poems
The Daughter of a Soldier
Red Skelton - Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the U.S.
Great Patriotic Websites
The Bill of Rights
Americans Who Risked Everything-Declaration of Independence
Send the Old Guys to War
The Omission From the New W.W.II Memorial
A Soldier
Patriotic Songs
An Ode to America - Excerpt from a Romanian Newspaper
"The Price of Freedom - Americans at War"
To Kill an American
God Bless America
When and How to Display the U.S. Flag
Declaration of Independence:
American Presidents
Only Two Defining Forces Have Ever Offered To Die For You
The Military Man/Woman
John Glenn
Memorial Day Tribute:
Armed Forces Tribute
The Meaning of a Flag Draped Coffin
Election Day & the Rights and Duties of Citizens
I Am Your Flag
What Great Men Said about Patriotism and Being an American
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
A History Test
In my opinion.....
The Pledge of Allegiance
Vietnam Prisoner of War
Remarkable First Ladies
A Tale of Six Boys
IMPORTANT History Lessons
Special Plane Ride Home
A Fantastic but True Story
God in State Constitutions
Ronald Reagan
Patriotic Quotes That Are Well Worth Repeating
Please Pray for Our Troops......
Escorting a Hero Home
The Story of Taps
Muslims, Terrorist and the USA - The Iraq War
The Greatest Play in Baseball
The Mighty Eagle - The Emblem of America
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