Archive for The Gathering Place "The Gathering Place" is a web community where people can gather and make new friends, share ideas, enjoy a few laughs and learn about many interesting things together. It is a safe place where friends can correspond with each other about what they love.

Hobbies and Crafts
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Things that I have made
Body painting : Imagine your body a piece of art
Amazing shadow dance
Pine cone crafts
How to Crochet an Infinity Scarf
Preserving Flowers - Methods
Free Craft eBooks
Craft Project Sites
Strange painting really amazing
play with shadow
drawing on water
bird carving in watermelon two minute live!!
sand painting
Crafting with Herbs
Christmas Crafts
Paper and Scissor Craft Activities for Young Children!
How to Collect Stamps
Organize Books
How to Self Publish a Book
How to Bind or Reinforce Books
Protecting Old Book Covers
A Christmas Craft my daughter-in-law made for me
Microwave Flower Presses
The Artistic Garden
I like to draw
Carving Different Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables
Finding a New Hobby
Herb Harvesting
smokey's hobbies
Showing Horses
Flower Arranging
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