Archive for The Gathering Place "The Gathering Place" is a web community where people can gather and make new friends, share ideas, enjoy a few laughs and learn about many interesting things together. It is a safe place where friends can correspond with each other about what they love.

Plant and Garden Photos
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Found on a creek bank
Some flower photos from Arches and Canyonlands
My Garden - 2012
An Early Spring Walk In Kentucky
spring flowers 2012
Spring Flowers In Ky Mountains 2011
Mystery flower
2010 spring flowers.
Flowers I Have Known
Unusual plant area
Red Acorns
Wildflowers 2009
bi-polar apple?????
My Dahlia Collection
My Christmas Cactus
Mary's Pictures of Her Flower Beds
Mile-High Wildflowers
He Hideth My Soul
Isaiah 40:8
Beauty for Ashes
Plant and Garden Photos
Summer wildflowers
My Garden Photos
Michigan spring wildflowers
Fall colors
What's Blooming Now - May 2007
Our Weeping cherry tree
Our flowering crab tree
Wildflowers and Scenery
What's Blooming Now - March 2007
Praying Mantis
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