Archive for The Gathering Place "The Gathering Place" is a web community where people can gather and make new friends, share ideas, enjoy a few laughs and learn about many interesting things together. It is a safe place where friends can correspond with each other about what they love.

Witnessing For the Lord - Share Your Testimony
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A Journey worth every moment
Testimony of Him
Brian "Head" Welch - Testimony
Jim's Testimony - "Reflections from Jim"
God is Good!!!
Christian Events
NASA Upset at Astronaut’s ‘Prayer Walks’
Wayne's Testimony - "Wayne's Bible Studies"
A Yankee Farmer in the South or My Testimony
My Testimony of Saving Grace
Josh Hamilton
Sarah Palin’s Christian Testimony
From My Heart
The Faith of the Great Composers
The Faith of Famous Scientists
Nick Vujicic's Testimony
II Peter 3:9
Share Your Testimony
Martha Testimony
Aloe's Testimony
The Testimony of Zanymuse
God's Warrior's Testimony
Annie’s Testimony Page
The Testimony of Smokey the dog
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