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Prayer Requests
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Flooding in Louisiana
Pastor Abducted
Crime Wave
Rayah Needs Prayer
lung surgery tomorrow
A prayer for my parents
Prayer for brain tumor removal
My Knees
My Dad
Please pray for Gloria
DH's Job
Vertical Double Vision
One family, 2 heart transplants and counting.....
Urgent Prayer Request For Nephew
Please Pray
Death, trip, salvation
WE ARE PRAYING FOR RAIN for areas in drought conditions
My Mother Needs Prayer
Emergency Prayer Request
Lady in our church with cancer
Please Pray for Our Country and the 2012 Pres. Election
PRAYER REQUEST on behalf of Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani
Uncle need liver transplant
Ralph Needs Prayers
Chest Pains and Weak Muscles
Pray for John's brother and his best friend-both have cancer
Please Pray for Bill Farrar
Please Pray for Lance Gardner, his wife Marie and son Skye
People in Texas affected by drought and wildfires
Son in law needs prayer
Becky diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
DH's Foot Surgery
Pray for Our Nation - The United States of America
Prayers For Sunfarm
Old Friend Needs Prayer
BIL Has Had A Stroke
My Mom Has Leukemia
Prayer for dealing with a situation
I need prayer today
DD needs prayer
Making a movie
Muscle spasms
DGS Needs Prayer
Cousin Passed Away
2012 Tract
Grandson's death
Our church is mailing our flyers!
Pray for Religious Freedoms and Unrestricted Christianity
Grandma rushed to the Hospital!
How To Be Saved - Written By A Seven Year Old Boy!
Ulcer attack
My son Miciah
Pray for Israel
Friends need prayer
Friend's sister talking about suicide
Anxiety Problem
Prayer for Jerusalem, the unsaved & our faithful service
Please pray for church member!
For God's guidance on closing our book store
Aunt in ICU
DH needs prayer
Cousin is on life support
Need your prayers
Prayer for our Country
Friends need help only God can give
Cousins grandbaby needs prayer
Friend's DGD needs prayer
Urgent Prayer Request for Seizures
Please Pray for Holly in Nashville. She Has Cancer.
Gran'pa Ed Diagnosed with Cancer - Please Pray for Him.
Urgent Request for Prayer
Please remember Maurita Fletcher in your prayers.
Update: Eli Goes Home To Be With the Lord
Stepfather having surgery
still need prayer
I am in need of prayer
My DH needs prayer
Please Pray for Mary's Husband
58th Annual National Day of Prayer
Please pray for a new van
Prayer for my ears
I went to the doctor
Sisters FIL passed away
BIL needs prayers
BIL suicidal
Dh fell on the ice
Several requests
Prayer Request
My brother and his family
Church member's dad
Please sign this Freedom of Choice petition!!!
Please pray for Knock
Please pray for my dog
A tract for parents with poem
Please Join Me in Prayer for Our Nation
Two goats decapitated in my area.
A new tract I am working on
Please Pray for the Gustav Hurricane Victims
Praise the Lord
Pray for me trying to write a tract
Please pray for 1 minute each night
Please Pray for Starr and Her Husband Bob
Please pray for my wife
My wife will be induced tomorrow
Please pray for my DH
Please pray for the people in Iowa
Pray for friend - radiation treatment
Aunt taken to ER with chest pains
Please pray for Floyd Crawford
Please pray about this. (adoption)
Prayers needed for DH
FIL needs prayer
BIL leaving for Iraq
Missionary with heart problems
Girl involved in Wicca
Death of caregiver, decisions concerning dementia patient
Pastor's son killed in car wreck
Please pray for my wifes dad.
Pray for Sofia - possible heart attack
Are We Known for Calling Upon Yahweh?
Missionary with heart attack
Husband's job
In a wreck last Tuesday
Please pray for Maurita Fletcher
Please pray for pregnant wife!!!
Asking prayer for a cousin
Please Pray for My Mom
An Urgent Prayer Request
Please pray for my sister-in-law Birdie
Please Pray for My Daughter, Bethany.
Please pray for Dixie Cagle
Prayer Request from my friend Barbara who lives in Houston
Please pray for my 3 year old
Please pray for missionary in Uzbekistan
Salvation prayer chain
Please pray for co-worker
Please pray for someone who may be suicidal
Who cares for the Lost? World prayer chain
Please Pray for Pam in Houston Texas
Pray for 7 yr. old grandson Sean
My friend's little son....
Uganda Africa Mission Trip - Prayer Request from Martha
My Uncle has lukemia
Smokey needs some prayer (illness)
Update:Angela is now with the Lord
Please think of my family in your prayers
Pray please? It's not me this time...I'm venting, sorry!
Prayer Request from My Dear Friend Jan in Florida
Prayer Requests
There Are 3 Children in This Family Who Have Cystic Fibrosis
My web site is down
If you would please?
Please Pray for Charles Gammon
Please pray for my sister, Gail.
Please Pray for Our Troops......
Please pray for my brother John and his wife Birdie
TMJ Flare Up
Job situations
My Mom
CajuninKentucky - April 28 prayer request
Update - Doris (djm) has gone to be with the Lord
Our Sound Man Needs Prayers
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