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Mixed bag

Well, my garden thus far this year has been a mixed bag of ups and downs. The beans have done okay but really not enough of them to make a mess. I don't think my beds are deep enough. My squash is finally blooming. I replanted them a few times so I'm not sure what kind I have growing now. Guess I'll see whn the fruit comes on. LOL My peppers are making a comeback but nothing to crow about. Some of the lettuce is doing well and other greens are not doing so good. Spinach has gone to seed. But my tomatoes are finally looking good. I have small fruits on the plants. The beds are deep enough because I added composted manure and sawdust to the remains of my last 2 seasons of hay bales. The problem is that under it all is weed fabric and I can't get my cages to go through it so the cages are falling over with the tomato plants. It looks like I'm going to have to stake my cages. LOL My rhubarb Mary sent me is doing well in it's new home.

My garden reminds me of my life. Ups and down, victories and defeats. But all in all it's an interesting patchwork and I'm pretty satisfied with it all. Happy gardening to you all.


This looks interesting

I am going to try to learn how to navigate this site since it seems tht DG may come to be a thing of the past. I am also interested in a truely Christian site which I am sure this is. I'm not saying Dave's isn't, but since he sold it the first time it isn't the same.

Back to this thread. KyCajun, that rhubarb looks wonderful. WOW!!! It has been a while since I've had rhubarb that looks that good.

Organic material is the answer to good soil. That covers a lot of material. If anything was once a living healthy part of the environment it is close to being organic. It may have gone thru some human messing with, but it will rot down into soil builder/conditioner in time. I know I have and continue to use some unconventional, controversial amendments to my compost pile and garden but they are mostly what have been used for centuries if one just thinks about it.

If you feel you do not have enough depth, make a raised bed. You can do this with landscaping timbers, concrete blocks, or even stones and rocks piled securely together. Just remember that the growing medium inside the raised bed will exert pressure against the sides of the bed and will push it out if it isn't secure. My DD used plain old plywood cut into 2 ft wide strips and put stabilizing posts inside and outside every couple feet. I think she alternated them. They lasted for over 5 years and were still useable when she moved. I used concrete blocks. But those sank into the soil and had to be lifted and repositioned every couple years.That is no easy task as the sides of the bed will have become wavey so getting the blocks straight again is very difficult.

Ok, I've rambled enough. GOD bless and keep each of you.

Hi ,  thats awesome Rhubarb, wish i had some plants love rhubarb pie i still have one bag that brought  back from minnesota. brother  did grow lots  lots.
God's Warrior

Hi Faith.  Welcome and I hope you like it here. Glad you got back to us.  I really hated the mix up of my accidentally deleting your request for membership. If you could see how many undesirables I have to delete daily you would know why it happened.  They try to get by me to sell an unbelievable amount of stuff in the website they are allowed to list including an unreal amount of porn.  On days when I am deleting so many it sometimes becomes so routine that I go to sleep at the wheel so to speak.  I always make a note of the desirable ones when viewing them here at TGP but then I have to go to GoDaddy to actually delete and it is a matter of opening each of them and reading them and then deleting or accepting. I have to hit lots of different commands for each complete delete and to get back to the menu and then to the next one.  I delete hundreds each week. That is one of the places I stand a chance of goofing up because it is so boring.

Thanks for your kind words and advice. We have moved since my rhubarb looked so good. I lifted it and brought it with us. It's in big plastic pots in the cellar. I pray it makes it appearance in the Spring. I also have to make all new beds in the Spring. I got 2 small beds made when we moved here. I planted Garlic, onions and strawberries. They are doing well considering the awful winter we are having. I had lots of volunteer curly leaf mustard but it's done now. I pulled up the last of it and fed it to the pigs. Funny thing about that mustard. The seed came from a pack labeled Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce. It's got a bite to it.

Wanted to add, it is so nice to have 2 new folks to "talk" with. Welcome and please come by often.
God's Warrior

Hey, you new folks, it is good to see you posting.  Maybe you can help us get the word out to your friends that we are here and anxious to expand our circle of friends.

I hope things don't go down the toilet at DG but if it does I pray we will see many of our friends over here at TGP.
God's Warrior

I don't plan to openly invite them (that has been frowned upon in the past but don't know if the new admin. would feel that way) in the forum posts but rather think it would be nice to click on their names and Dmail any friends we have that might like to come over here.

Hi Faith and welcome. It's nice to have you join us, now don't be shy about commenting or asking questions.

I think that is a great idea. I will start doing that with the people i think would come over.
God's Warrior

Since Dave doesn't own it any longer I don't feel that we need to feel guilty inviting folks over here. We couldn't do that before. Lots of folks will be leaving there anyway and why not offer them a nice haven to relax and enjoy the company of others. For many of them it won't be active enough here to suit their fancy but for others who lead a really busy life and don't want the obligation of having to respond to a jillion posts it should be perfect.  Actually if a few who are feeling lost because of the new managment would come here and post we could increase the activity a bit and that would be a good thing.

It looks like we have gained a few folks! Getting busier here.
God's Warrior

Cajun, I think that it would be good if you, Mary and Kelli would put the Titles and links to your forums at TGP in your signatures at Cubits.  (Mary could also put the link to her cubit thread.) That should generate even more viewers for your forums when you post in different cubits.  Sharon is so busy with so many forums and articles at Cubits, DG and TGP she probably wouldn't have room to put hers in her signature. Space there is limited.  Sad

I would be glad to do that bit I have no idea how. Can you give me the directions?
God's Warrior

I can't but I will try to find someone who can. I had to ask for help to do mine.  This stuff gets way OVER my head in a hurry.  I will let you know if I can locate a helper.

I hope I am  understanding this right; you want to put a link to appear below every post you make at cubits, right?

This is how:

First copy your link (Ctrl C)

When you are logged in, there is a top bar that goes across... it  says, etc... click on the tab that says Your Account, then click on Your Profile, then scroll down to where it says, signature appearing below your posts ... that is where you paste (Ctrl V) the link to your forum, TGP, or any link you desire...

If you need help, let me know...
God's Warrior

Starr, I contacted Kimberly (gardenwife) this morning asking her to send me the correct lettering for the following.  I had then planned to send it to each of the writers.  I haven't heard from her yet. If you know how to do it, just post that for us here in this forum.  I had someone else do mine for me recently. They just sent me the entire thing. I guess they left one space for me to close in but I don't remember. There could have even been two spaces.  

By the way, when are you going to start your forum? Question

CajuninKY needs the following in her signature at Cubits.

At Home Away from Home

***********************************************Kelli needs:  
Greetings from Kelli-fornia

Kelli's World

Kelliís DavesGarden Articles

Mary needs:

Mary's Journal

Mary's Little Lambs

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