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God's Warrior

Maurita Fletcher

Maurita Fletcher

This lady has been serving our Lord in so many different capacities for so many years that it woud be impossible to list them all here.
She provides me with a wealth of material for this site and I am so grateful to her for that.

I got to know her when she was the Preschool Minister at my local Baptist Church.  She has retired from serving as staff at any church but hasn't stopped serving our Lord by any means.  It tires me just knowing the things that she still does even though her health hasn't been good for several years.  I am going to have to guess at her age, but I would say that she is in the 80's range.  She has no idea that this is going to be posted but if she knew she would probably ask me to remove it and not give her any credit for what she does for the Lord.  She is indeed an humble servant of God.

I got this email from her yesterday. In the email, she was telling me why she hadn't answered my email sooner. Her reasons for being late returning my email is what gave me the idea of posting this here.

"The Saturday after Thanksgiving my sister and I left for Boone, N.C. to work with Samaritan's Purse in "Operation Christmas Child".  On the way home the next Friday, I began to get a sore throat.  That resulted in bronchitis   This week I have helped set up Nashville Baptist Toy Store and also dealt with reactions to two to the medicines.  Today I am beginning to feel better.  Next week is Nashville Baptist Toy Store.  We hope to provide presents, clothes, a small bag of candy and wrapping paper for over 1700 children. Each parent will be  personally talked with about their relationship to God. . It is a privilege to work there.  I am just praying for strength."

Please join me in praying for her to have the strength she needs for that task and the many others that she attempts for our Lord.  
God's Warrior

Please pray for Maurita. Here is the latest report on her health situation.

Maurita Fletcher, July 28th admitted for rehabilitation. The doctors definitely know she has had a stroke affecting the other side of her body from the side that was affected before. She has limited use of her right arm and hand, her face is drawn a little and she has trouble saying some words. The therapists say she will be there from 6 to 8 weeks but Maurita will probably prove them wrong.
God's Warrior

Please continue to pray for Maurita. Yesterday she had a procedure called Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE). They found a leaky heart valve which is causing the need for her to be on oxygen 24/7. They also found a hole in the heart but the doctor is not concerned about that. She will be going to the hospital at 6:00 tomorrow morning for an arteriogram to be sure she does not have any blockages in her heart and on Friday will go back as an outpatient to have her lungs checked to be sure she doesn't have any blood clots. This is preparation for her going to Vanderbilt Hospital to have the heart valve repaired.
God's Warrior

Maurita had an arteriogram and no blockages were found in her heart. Next they will check out her lungs to be sure there are no blood clots. This is in preparation for heart surgery at Vanderbilt to repair a valve that is leaking.
God's Warrior

Maurita had her lung test yesterday and all went well. She is now ready to talk with the surgeon next week at Vanderbilt about having heart valve surgery.
God's Warrior

Maurita will have a breast biopsy Thursday.  She won't hear from the biopsy until next week.  Please keep her in your prayers.
God's Warrior

Maurita Fletcher received word that the biopsy on the lump in her breast is malignant. She will be meeting with the doctors to discuss the options for treatment.

Please remember her in your prayers.
God's Warrior

Maurita received word that the biopsy on the lump in her breast is malignant. She will be meeting with the doctors to discuss the options for treatment. Saturday evening  she was not reacting normally over most of her body and mind. She drove herself to the hospital after talking to a doctor. They determined that her sodium was low again--normal is 34 and hers was 24. Tests have ruled out any stroke symptoms and she may have gone home today.

Please pray for her.


I am sorry to read of the problems for Maurita. I hope things will turn out better than they have so far. It is so good to hear that she is a dedicated Christian because she knowS she is in the hands of God and haS Him to lean on.
God's Warrior

Update on Maurita:  She has seen many of our prayers answered and is busy working for the Lord as is usual in her life.  Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Here is her reply to my inquiry about her health yesterday.

I certainly did not know that any of that information was on line.  I think that I have had a better year.  Last December I finished radiation for the breast cancer; I'm grateful that that is over.  Radiation mammograms are extremely painful, but I guess that is necessary to be sure there are no cancer cells present. I spent 4 days in the hospital for low sodium; that was the third stay for that problem. More salt for low sodium; less salt for high blood pressure.  Gets confusing.
Next week I finish leading a Bible study class on Paul's Journeys.  I know that I have learned much more than those attending. We have started a widow's ministry here in Wilson County and have had a good response - between 30 & 50 participating, and God just continues to provide the resources.

The Lord is continuing to bless her life and the lives of others around her.

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