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Lily Bulbils...

Lily Bulbils...


Does anyone here know when is the proper time to remove & plant the little bulbils which form on some of the asiatic lilies? I have a few out there, and have noticed that some of the bulbils are falling to the ground. Should I just let them continue to do that?

Also, I got 3 Fritillaria Crown Imperial bulbs in a DG co-op last fall. The came up and bloomed beautifully-they're the red ones.

Anywho, they each had massive seed pods which I let ripen on the stalks, and I now have them dried and put away. if anyone is interested, lemme know.Maybe Carol or Lisa with their new nurseries could use some to begin some stock?

Or, I'd like to trade some for some of the orange or yellow Fritillaria varieties Smile

Oh! And I have 23 Blackberry lilies coming up from seeds I got in a trade last year, and just threw in the ground a few weeks ago. I've never had so much fun with seeds in my life, lol.

Shaz, my tiger lily makes little black seed things that form at the axis of the leaves. They grow to about the size of a pencil eraser before frost kills the plant. Does this sound like the same thing? I have never done anything with them. Wanna make a trade?

Hold a few of those goodies for me, gals. I will be trading after the hot days are over.

I learned from DG that these are indeed bulbils, and they WILL produce plants. I just don't remember how to use them, lol.

Sure, I'll send ya some. This particular lily hasn't bloomed yet. I know it is a fragrant trumpet lily, but I haven't looked at my records yet to see which one. I'll try to get that done tonight and then post a pic of it. I just can't remember what I ordered from the co-op![/b]

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