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How to Grow a Pineapple

How to Grow a Pineapple

Ananas comosus
Commercial Pineapple

After cutting up a pineapple and enjoying the fruit, save the top of the plant. Let it dry and cure for a few days, so the base of the top will callus. This will help to prevent rotting at the crown.
Using a clay pot is ideal although almost any time of container will work as long as there is proper drainage. Use a good, fertile potting medium.

Pineapples require a lot of light, although they will acclimate to other conditions. When plants do acclimate they may not perform according to their ideal growing habits. But, they will grow.

Being in the bromeliad family, it will require a little watering, more when the plant is in bloom.

Ideally, pineapples will grow until the temperature drops to 60 degrees F. Again, they will survive lower.
Pineapples will reach a height of 25 to 30 inches and will take two years to grow another pineapple.

When the days are shorter and the nights a bit cooler the plant will produce a flower. The bloom will last considerable amount of time. The flower will dry and a pineapple will form. To force a pineapple to produce, put an apple in a bag over the plant. This will create ethylene gas and will trigger the plant to flower.

God's Warrior

When plants have several shoots coming from the main plant you can divide the plant. If you live in some of the warmer areas of the country where the weather is pretty near perfect 365 days a year you can do it any time. The plant may get a little out of sync at times but in the long run it will be fine.
The little buds that form at the bottom are called basal suckers. These develop on the mature rosettes. This plant (Ananas comosus - the common pineapple is from a large family BROMELIACEAE). All from tropical America.

Propagation also can be done by removing the pineapple from the top when mature. Taking the top greenery, let it callus for a day and then grow in sharp sand.
This is a good project to do with children. They love to see that they can take off the top of the pineapple that you bought for them at the grocery store and it can become a beautiful plant.
God's Warrior

Yummy! Luv to grow 'em! Luv to eat 'em!!

God's Warrior

Well, who'd a thunk it????
What a great example!

I didn't know you grew them. I used to root every one of the ones I would get at the grocery just because I liked the tropical look. I never did force one into flowering because I didn't have the knowledge to do so. Wow! Guess I better get busy and try that again.
Thanks for posting that, Shoe.

You're welcome.
That one is from a couple yrs ago. I have some in the ghouse that have been neglected (under tables, potbound, etc) but mercy me...if I just give them a bit of water they immediately kick back into a good growth habit.

Such polite plants, eh?

Nothing is much more desirable than a polite plant............except maybe a polite PERSON!!!!!!

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