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Checking Out Musical CDs in My Public Library

I had such fun on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday I decided to go online and look to see what musical CDs my public library has to offer for checkout. WOW! What a list! I spent hours looking at the list planning what I wanted to have sent from the main library out to my local one. The next day, DH and I went downtown to actually check out a few. Would you believe we came home with a bag full.

I enjoy "ripping" the music and saving the files on an external hard drive for listening to later. I don't even bother to burn them to CDs as I have a good sound system on my computer and I also have a line running from the computer to the den. That way the music can be heard all over my house. That system cost me less than 200 dollars and provides me with my music anywhere I go in the house.

I love music of almost any kind. I don't like rap and I don't like hard rock or any music with vulgar lyrics. Otherwise my choice of music is well rounded.

I just wonder if any of the rest of you do anything similar to what I do music-wise. It is really a very inexpensive hobby that provides me with a lot of enjoyment.

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